Saturday, September 18, 2010

Blog move!

Oops not a lot of updates lately haha! Busy times recently. No worries, I have migrated and backlogged at wordpress now:

Catch you all on the other side!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hopping on the blogwagon

Ok, I have started a blog.

After feeling the pressure from an energetic group of runners (shoutouts to AlanAlyson, Amelia, Andrea, Caroline, Evelyn, Tom? and Dave!) back at home in Vancouver, I finally have hopped on the blogwagon and started this running blog. I think this will help me stay motivated on marathon training and running during the cold winters ahead in Montreal...

For the past week, I have been vacationing in Ottawa - so running has been so-so. Since my training at home haven't been consistent lately, I really felt the urge to get out for a long run. So last sunday, I ran with a group of runners from Ottawa's RR. They are training for the Toronto Waterfront Marathon, which is a couple of weeks earlier than the Goodlife Toronto Marathon that I am supposedly training for (hmm I still have a week to sign up before fee increase). It was their recovery week and they planned a 23km route around the scenic homes of politicians/PM/GG. Is there any better way to see Ottawa on a free guided tour and get a good workout at the same time? 

Overall, the run went well. We finished just outside the parliament hill and I bid my farewell to the fellow runners. Feeling the need to get up the mileage, I continued running along the scenic Ottawa river and crossing as many bridges as I can in the process. I stopped just after 32km at 5:26/km in front of a grocery store in Gatineau. I forgot how much food I ate after. All in all, it felt good getting back into running.

That's it for my first post and as promised, here is the group photo from the farewell brunch at home from two sundays ago - I sure missed running with everyone back at home...